What To Do When Your Property Insurance Claim Is Denied

When you pay for property insurance on your house, you're expecting the insurer to pay out on a claim if something happens. Maybe you had a kitchen fire that ruined some of your appliances, or you were the victim of theft. Regardless of what the case may be, you should be able to recoup your losses if your policy is intact and paid in full. But what about when your insurance carrier decides to deny your claim? It can seem unfair, and you might even start feeling powerless to change the decision. Read through the information below so you'll know what to do if your property insurance claim is denied.

Hire A Public Insurance Adjuster

The moment you receive the denial letter in the mail, it's time to act. Your first course of action is to get on the phone with a public insurance adjuster. With their help, you just might be able to get the settlement that you're looking for. 

Public insurance adjusters are essentially the opposite of private adjusters. Private adjusters are hired by the insurance company, and a large part of their job is sometimes making sure that policyholders aren't properly compensated for their losses. The private adjuster works on behalf of the insurance company to keep expenses in line and remaining within budget. Insurance companies only have so much money that they can pay for claims, and if there are too many of them at one time, the insurer could end up going bust.

A public insurance adjuster is there to work for you. They will reopen the case with your insurer and fight to demonstrate why your claim should be settled. They usually won't even accept payment until you've been given restitution.

Preventative Measures Just Might Save The Day

Any preventative measure that you take which helps to decrease the chances that you will have to file a property claim can only work in your favor. If your home is burglarized and you are able to show that you set up cameras, paid for an alarm system and even put up a fence, all of these measures could be enough to convince the insurance company that you did your part to avoid being robbed.

Receiving a property claim denial letter can seem very bleak, but it doesn't have to spell the end. Pull up as much determination as you can and prepare to fight for what belongs to you. Contact a company like The People's Choice Public Adjuster for more information and assistance. 

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