4 Advantages Of Using An Estate Appraiser When A Parent Dies

When a parent dies, adult children are often left with the difficult task of settling the estate. Quite frequently, this means going through decades of accumulated possessions, a task many find overwhelming. Thankfully, an estate appraiser can make the job much easier. Here are four advantages of getting a professional appraisal.

A Professional Appraiser Makes The Grieving Process Easier

When you are grief-stricken, everything is more difficult. Sorting through a parent's household can be cathartic, but for some, it can be heartbreaking and actually delay the mourning process. Choosing an appraisal service will allow you to bereave in a way that feels most comfortable to you.

A Professional Appraiser Can Reduce Family Friction

Unfortunately, greed sometimes comes into play when an estate needs to be settled. Siblings worry and argue they are being given the short end of the stick, especially if only one of the children was left as the executor of the estate. When the contents of a home are inventoried and appraised by a professional appraisal service, the family is less likely to have relationships permanently ruined by fighting over someone taking the best or most valuable items.

A Professional Appraiser Can Potentially Increase Your Earnings

Most people don't have the expertise necessary to accurately appraise antiques, collectibles, jewelry, and other valuable items. Whether you just need to know the value to equally divide everything or you plan on selling most things and then dividing the proceeds, a professional estate appraiser will enable you to get top dollar. Some estate appraisers can also handle setting up an auction or estate sale if your desire is to sell the items after they have been appraised.

A Professional Appraiser Can Handle The Task When You Can't

Children grow up and move out of their parents' home. Life can take them a considerable distance from their hometown. Parents also frequently move once they are empty-nesters or retired. Most people don't have the freedom and flexibility to put their life on hold for weeks or even months so they can weed through their parent's possessions.

A professional appraisal service can solve this problem. They will go in, sort through everything, catalog it all, and appraise each item's value. Once everything is organized, deciding what to do with it all is far less time consuming. Armed with accurate values, the siblings can gather together and make the final decisions necessary to settle the estate. For more information on appraisals, check out companies like Collector's Fine Art Appraisal.

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